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Azure Container Instances - Avorion Server

October 18, 2022

Azure Container Instances - Avorion Game Server

My friend Bush and I recently started playing Avorion and wanted to play together on a multliplayer server. Neither of us have particularly stable internet connections so having one of us host a server would likely result in a poor experience.

I saw a cool project about running a “serverless” minecraft server and wondered if I could get a similar setup on Azure with Avorion.

I cobbled together the following bicep file using various quickstarts from the Azure documentation pages:


The bicep file provisions tese resources:

  • Container group with 4vCPUs & 6GB Ram
  • Using the image rfvgyhn/avorion:stable
  • Storage account
    • File share
  • Recovery services vault with some backup policies
  • Logic apps to start and stop the server

We have had a couple of gaming sessions so far and its been working well for us. The logic app makes it easy to start and stop the container group so it hasn’t mattered that Bush has no access to the Azure Portal.

It is proving a little more expensive than we expected but we haven’t had it running for a full month yet.

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