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IDAT 102 - Processing

March 22, 2011

To develop some ideas for the data visulisation I have to do as mentioned in my previous post I went looking for examples of interesting visulisations.

One of my favorite examples of processing is http://blog.arsthanea.com/2009/01/05/black-hole/ the result acheived is really spectacular. 



also contain more examples of processing I found interesting.

For my final sketch I would like to create something that is visually apealing, I would like to create something along the lines of a pulse expanding out from a point on the canvas where the point is the centre of a circle, these different properties, such as the speed that the pulse expands at and the location of the circle could represent the data from the rss feed we are going to use. http://x2.i-dat.org/archos/archive.rss is the RSS feed from Arch-os a project featuring temperature and other types of sensors around the University of Plymouth’s campus.

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