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AINT207 - Space Simulation Game Design & Story

February 13, 2012 , posted under AINT207

As I mentioned in the first blog post my game is going to be set in space, therefore it makes sense if the design and aesthetics of the game are somewhat futuristic. I found a set of graphics released by Lost Garden http://www.lostgarden.com/2005/03/download-complete-set-of-sweet-8-bit.html which seem to meet my needs additionally I quite like the retro look incontrast to the very modern and impressive graphics used in S.P.A.Z. The graphics pack features several different objects that could be used as space stations, where goods can be bought and sold, in addition to some ships that I plan to use for the player’s own ship. I hope to add some sound effects to the game after I have completed the majority of the programming, ambient music and sounds for actions like docking the ship and buying/selling goods should add to the atmosphere of the game.

The story of the game is as follows:

You play the role of a young pilot who has just gained his space flying licence, his father owns a small utility station that can house several other ships. His father is killed by space pirates shortly after his son passes the pilot test as a result his son inherits all his possessions. The son goes on a journey to defeat the pirate lords through this sector of space.

This story line is somewhat similar to that of the plot in Independance War 2 : Edge of Chaos where your father is killed by a nasty character whilst you are still a young boy, however IW 2 focues more on combat and less on trading of goods which will be the main focus of my game.

Iron Plague(Above) S.P.A.Z(Below)

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