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AINT207 - Space Simulation Game Implementation

February 14, 2012 , posted under AINT207

I would like my game to be available across the internet independant of platform, HTML5 and JavaScript dont rely on any plugins or codecs that a user might not have installed and so make a good choice for implementing a game. One possible downside to this pair of technologies is the immaturity of them compared with games developed in flash that have large user bases and lots of tutorials and other content, additionally flash have access to many different portals through wich the game can be marketed and monitised.

HTML5 has not been completed yet as the specification has yet to be finalised however support for many features is good at this time, with chrome being the most fully implemented (http://html5readiness.com/).

I plan to use Visual Studio 2010 to develop the application, VS2010 has some nice tooling support built in, with Intellisense (Code hinting) support for jQuery and JS that you write your self, these features are extremely useful during development. Chrome’s Developer tools also has some good script debugging support that I will need to make use of whilst developing my app.

The game will need to make use of classes and so I have provided below a UML class diagram.

Class Diagram This implementation will probably change when I come to create the game, but hopefully it contains enough information to give you an idea of how the solution will look.

JavaScript written using “The Revealing Prototype Pattern” (As detailed¬†here) provides the benifits of hiding internal state for objects and allowing for implementation details to be delgated to objects responsible for that particular feature. Using these approaches I hope to be able to build a maintable, bug free game that will be enjoyable for many people.

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